Spiritual growth and healing on your spiritual journey!

Hey, Lovely Ladies! Who Grew Up in the 80’s! This is the Beginning of A New You on a Spiritual Journey and INCREDIBLE Transformation! Due to Your Own Willingness To Invest in Yourself and Professional Life for Your Personal & Spiritual Growth and Living Life as Creatively, Passionately and Inspired as It is Possible to Do So! No Boundaries.

You Are EXTREMELY Manifestable, As Empaths & HSPs! In Case You Didn’t Know… You Do Not Have To Be A Super Shy, Timid, Quiet Girl, Who People Take Advantage Of! You CAN Be Bold, Creative, Courageous & Learn How To Find Your Passion. We Do Things Differently From Others. We are Going to Be Bold and Fearless! No Doubt About That, Ladies!

Our Self Care & Authenticity Comes First! It’s Far Too Important to Not Do So! It Was The Basis For My Own Transformation. We Are Getting the Nerve and the Audacity to Speak Up and Speak Out. Assert Yourself, Baby! Whoo!

Make Yourself Right At Home Here, If You Love Cats, Creativity, Imagination, Visualization, Music, Journaling, Social Commentary, Traveling to Exotic Landscapes, Retreats, Spirit Journeys… Or for Fun, You Love Researching, Learning About World Mystery, Ancient History, the Metaphysical, Mythological, Parapolitical, Sociological, Psychological, etc.

Basically, All the Deep, Red Pill, Rabbit Hole, Uncovered and Hidden Information among life-changing, Slife defining information such as Spirituality, Self Help, Personal Growth, Motivational, Inspirational, Aspirational, Healing Arts, Mindful Communication & Leadership…

But most of all… I want to discuss our Journeys Into Business. Designing a real, passion-filled life and creative business that reflects exactly who we are and what we stand for. No more and no less. (and you know, that’s right!)

Things Have Really Changed! Virtually Overnight For Many of Us, During These Important Times… Our Success, our Sexuality, Our Spirituality… Once MidLife Came For Us. But What’s Most Important is To Realize that YOU are the master, more manifest. You got that magic mantra. I am Going To Show You How to Use It and Educate You On Why It’s Important.

You Might Be Wondering to Yourself Just How These “Magical” Changes Will Be Coming Into Your Life. Let’s Take A Quick Look at Just A Few Things That Will Lead Us Down This Road Toward Full Transformation…

Once again, I welcome you to my humble, digital fortress, self-help, personal development, spiritual blog that covers fields of interest geared to the reader who may consider themselves to be Intuitive Introverts,(INFJ/P personalities), Empaths, Highly Sensitive Personalities, Old Souls, 1st born children, Gen Xers in Mid-Life Crisis (Awakening), Scorpio MoonsWounded Healer types, those who have experienced existential depression, grief and pain with overwhelming anxiety and the like. It’s all for you. You are the ones close to my heart.

Though this is meant to be a spiritual growth blog that inspires creation and transformation, I will be covering the very important topic of Self-Care and Self Development. Many of us will love the hell out of another and be the greatest nurturers for others but then we leave ourselves for last and when all is said and done, we are burned out and emotionally drained.

As we find ourselves in midlife, there’s the physical body with stuff like Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue, connected with mental health in the areas of Mental Strength & Mindset, Overthink & Overwhelm and the totally destructive tendencies of Self Sabotage, Procrastination, negative self-talk and poor self-image.

I bring this up because I’ve put myself in a position out here and am here to advocate for those women that are needing help so badly. I cringe when I think about it because I would’ve done this soo long ago if I thought there was a chance that someone could relate, understand me, point me out in the right direction with genuine love and tender care.

Since I was a very younger girl, I had a very deep connection to the Creator and a fascination with the divine. I started looking for churches and places of worship at the age of 8 years old and finally found one around the age of 11. Because of my Grandmother’s gift of things like the Book of Bible Stories on tapes and when visiting our home, she’d tell stories and sing hymns and inspired me with all that was possible in life and left with the idea that I could create and become anything as long as I kept close to the Creator and my spirituality.

My mother wasn’t much into religion or spirituality but she did open my mind to caring for yourself through holistic modalities and living a lifestyle of organics. She enjoyed the Book of Proverbs and had it ripped out from the Bible and stuck onto the fridge.

I was always a deep thinking, introvert and loved to involve myself in creative projects as well as being quite a studious child and now adult. It never has left me. I have been on the quest for truth for as long as I remember. This has kept me so very close to this connection to spirit and my intuition, though much of the time, it was cast aside for what I thought was more logical.

I had to learn things the hard way. I went through enormous pain, loss, tragedy, drama, addictive patterns, physical issues, etc. Life was never easy for me, not even as a kid, who was the eldest of 8 children, to a bipolar mother, called “little ‘ole lady” and totally misunderstood… Childhood was a hot ass mess and it didn’t end there. It was particularly awful in the past decade up until quite recently in the last year and a half. What changed? My mindset and perception did.

I have begun to see myself as a person who can honestly develop a powerful life and business for herself in a way that I never thought to be possible before. As I learn the technicalities, my self-confidence gets a boost because there is so much shit to learn about creating a serious business online and what people have to put together to get everything all in place, is just wild! Amazing though too, because you can connect with other women like yourself in a community created by you, for you, and simply having fun while teaching another person how they can also change their lives in a big, meaningful way, inside and outside!

I went back to my childhood to look over things that I was still doing or holding onto that needed to be let go of. At this stage, I want nothing to be in the way of myself being a clear channel for the pure, holy spirit and universal energy all around us. Learning all about the creation of abundance, creation, purpose and intention is important to dig deep into if you want to get closer to the Creator, hone your intuition and harness the energies all around us.

Read, learn, watch videos, and you too go visit workshops and conferences. Investing in yourself keeps you excited about life and your goals. As of today, I learned over the course of 20 years through hard, deep, analytical research, documentaries, workshops, journaling, life experience, (both personally and professionally)…what I took in intellectually, following my “logic”, did not sink in and really work until I literally put the wisdom into practice.

Knowledge put into practice is wisdom. I learned to listen to that quiet voice of God. That powerful, magical, holy spirit, through my intuition, which as an intuitive empath, wasn’t much of a struggle. I really practiced being grateful and must keep my mind on the positive. I have to live this way for my contentment and peace of mind.

I’ve caught myself “looking over my shoulder” so to speak, waiting for something to come along, surprise me and suddenly rip apart everything I have worked for on the inside and out at this moment in my life. I’ve been soo not a stranger to serious disappointment, grief, losses, etc.

Materially, what I have right now is by no means a mansion in Beverly Hills and I might not have a million dollars in the bank, but it’s my lovely lair that was earned with patience, hard work, and due diligence.

I have more than I need to care for my living expenses and indulge in the little things that make me happy, such as my business, buying a book… My happy gratefulness only adds more to me. When we put spiritual things first and draw close to the Creator, everything else gets added to us and abundance is part of this process.

I live away from the highway, where the Airport is and my complex is beautifully landscaped and has gorgeous, flowery trees all throughout the courtyards, across all buildings, and the colors are just incredible. The ducks are back and the signs of birth and renewal are all around. Spring is in the air and I feel renewed along with everything else.

The flowering trees that are bursting with color, are so vivid and feels so magical to me. I was asking for this early last year in my prayers and visualization what it would feel like to have it. It’s not exactly what I saw in my mind necessarily, like getting this exact home per say, but I got what I wanted and when it showed up.

I knew for a fact that it was home because of the crazy synchronicity that came along with the fact that I nearly moved into the building across from us in 2016 under very different circumstances but it most definitely was not the right time.

This is how we attract blessings and abundance. It completely radiates from the heart. The heart has an intelligence that works for us. It works differently than the brain but the heart knows and understands the underlying things and the stuff that is seen, read between the lines and within the invisible. The heart is a trusted, authentic source. We can trust it’s messages. We connect intuitively.

The heart luminates and radiates outward. It’s vibrational, energetic power works on the energy and spirit of love. That’s not just fluff. It’s real science and they’re seeing this now for the first time, just how intelligent and powerful it really is.

Creating a life that you want is like designing a masterpiece. If you can wave your magic wand, so to speak, affirm in your mind exactly what it is you want, you get clear on the plan, you focus wholeheartedly into what is most important, and that is always being grateful. Always, always, always!

As I mentioned, my love affair with the divine and my strong intuitions began when I was a young girl. I had discovered, as I took some self-inquiry and deep inner reflection that I realized over time and now had to fully acknowledge that I really do have a calling and this feeling is compelling me forward to act. All the years of deep, thorough research and soul study has brought me to the place where I am today, right now, with you.

It’s been less than a year that I suddenly began having these powerful dreams, synchronicities, serendipities, and strong intuitions that are way stronger than they ever have been in my life! It’s wild. But what’s more, is that they came back with a bang and a push.

I am being led and pushed into this. It’s as if I only had seen preview or glimpses of it in the far past and had an inkling about my future and purpose for the Creator’s will for me. I am blessed with these gifts that I consider divine and know that it is through these divine giftings that I will be able to help other souls out there that need what I have inside of my heart and mind and because I have come to a Spiritual maturity, the Creator is giving me the door and opportunity to walk through it.

I believe that what the Messiah said about what we create, manifest and attract when he said, “Seek and You Shall Find”, “Knock and the Door Will be Open”, “Ask and You Shall Recieve”.

In closing, I would like you to know that whatever you can envision and imagine, that visualization that you created within your mind can be made manifest if only you are willing, able, capable with strength, resiliency, perseverance, and faith! I always wanted to have reassurance and would then get myself blocked with overthinking and overwhelm. Unnecessary. Have faith.

Faith in yourself will take you to heights you never imagined yourself to be.

Stay true, stay you

Discover your authentic self. Experience authentic living!